1.92 Leg Warmer - Men
  • 1.92 Leg Warmer - Men

  • C$77.00

By David Millar.

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The colour has been chosen to interchange with both colourways of the 1.11 short and 1.21 jerseys. The material is Castelli’s Thermoflex fabric, a step up from the Roubaix fabric that most companies use. It has a slightly tighter knit with higher loft fleece that happens to be more stretchy, something that is of utmost importance on the legs of a cyclist, because in theory they should be moving up and down a lot. Unless you’re sitting in a café; that would look ridiculous. There is elastic at the top to hold them in place, and a turnable cuff with the Rosso Fuoco reveal and a reflective stripe at the bottom (our little attempt to help those times you get stuck too long in a café and have to race home before it gets dark).

The length is a particularity of mine. I always found leg warmers too long and knee warmers too short, so we’ve created an in between length.


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