1.82 LSWBL Shirt - Men
1.82 LSWBL Shirt - Men
  • 1.82 LSWBL Shirt - Men

  • C$265.00

By David Millar.

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The Long Sleeve Winter Base Layer is a staple item of every cyclists winter wardrobe. Sometimes we have no choice but to venture out when it’s cold or wet, or worse, when it’s cold and wet. That’s when the LSWBL is dug out from it’s summer hibernation.

My experience has proved that when it comes to winter base layers it’s hard to beat the benefits of good old-fashioned wool, problem with wool is that although it performs well under normal circumstances it doesn’t handle the requirements of high performance quite so well.  For this reason we have used a new technology that involves wrapping a nylon core with merino wool which makes the fabric comfier, stretchier, drier, warmer, stronger and tougher than normal wool.  It’s surprisingly light for its warmth, and warm for its weight.  The traditional downsides of wool - stretching and twisting with age, have been eradicated.

It’s designed for cool weather riding and is to be worn directly against the skin where it works as a great wicking first layer.  We’ve designed it more like a classic sweatshirt (a staple of every wardrobe) than a tech piece.
This is because during my racing years I would often wear my LSWBL’s off the bike, for this reason we added design details to the Chpt./// LSWBL that enable it to be worn off the bike as well as on it.  The cut is close-to-body but not skin tight, after all, it’s too good to be used just for cycling.

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