S3 Disc Ultegra 8020
S3 Disc Ultegra 8020
  • S3 Disc Ultegra 8020

  • C$5,700.00

A workhorse unleashed.

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Cervélo has taken everything that makes the S3 such an aero class leader and made it stronger, stiffer and ultimately, faster. Cervélo only launches a new bike when significant performance gains have been made, and by integrating our disc-brake technologies into the world championship-winning S3 we have done exactly that. The S3 Disc is stiffer and more aerodynamic than its rim-brake counterpart, while continuing to make the most of the lightweight design rooted in our Project California research facility. All of this translates to superior handling and control, giving you the confidence to pull away from the peloton or put the hurt on a Saturday morning group ride.

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