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At BICICLETTA, we believe that everyone benefits from the best possible fit on their road bike. Having a professional bike fit will help you to attain optimal performance and minimize any discomfort you might experience. Your muscles should be sore from effort, not from incorrect position. We have helped Olympians and elite level athletes, dedicated riders, weekend warriors, and commuters find their best possible position. Even small changes in position or posture on the bike can create surprisingly large improvements in performance, and can also help reduce pain or discomfort on your bike.

Noa Deutsch is an experienced bike fitter with extensive knowledge in exercise physiology, anatomy, cycling specific injuries, biomechanics and coaching.  From beginner level athletes to Olympians, Noa has worked with a wide variety of athletes, helping them ride injury free, faster, and with more power.

Noa will consider the extrinsic factors (riding being done) as well as intrinsic factors (anatomical factors such as leg length discrepancy, muscle imbalance, flexibility issues, core strength, posture, etc) to achieve the perfect fit.


  • A consultation to review your riding and athletic history, goals and objectives, current and past injuries, current training/riding, etc.
  • A basic flexibility and structural assessment
  • Dynamic capture of an enormous amount of dynamic data from your pedaling stroke and tracking of all the moving parts of your body simultaneously while you ride your bike under different workloads, looking at both left and right side individually.
  • Adjustments to your position on the bike and cleats, as needed
  • Technique & posture while riding, including prescription of exercises and technique correction, as needed
  • Digital measurement of the bike at it’s final set up, using the Retul Zin
  • After the bike fit, you will get  an email with files containing your position on the bike (left and right), your bike position and geometry
  • Email support following the fitting during the adaptation period (Typically 2 weeks)


  • Eyes. Observing you while you ride is as important as any gadget.
  • We are extremely proud to be the FIRST bike fitting studio in Canada to use the Retul 3D dynamic motion caption bike fitting tool. Noa has spent some time learning from Todd Carver of Retul and has been fitting thousands of athletes using this tool for over the last 10 years.
  • Retul Zin for measuring bike geometry



Retul Bike Fit: $300

Retul Triathlon Bike Fit: $325

By the hour fitting: $150/hr (If you've previously had a fitting with Noa and require a tweak)